Water consumption and environmental impact: 10 ways to reduce water usage in your facility


The Energy Transition is upon us.

And if you’re like many businesses, you recognize it’s much more than a single-minded pursuit towards reduced emissions. Around the world, businesses are digging deeper into the total effects of climate change, recognizing the relationship between water usage and environmental impact.

In fact, nearly 50% of our national customers are looking to reduce water consumption.

We believe that number will rise. With key sources like the Colorado River Basin continuing to strain for water, the American West, Midwest, and South will likely face prolonged droughts, strict water reduction regulations, and increased costs.

Major sectors including oil and gas, manufacturing, and utilities will shoulder the bulk of the burden. So will states driving GDP like California and Texas.

And the water crisis will only expand past hot, arid climates and specialized sectors.

If your organization isn’t already factoring water as a key part of its Energy Transition strategy, it will. And by the time your hand is forced, it may be too late. Whether that’s in terms of staying ahead of your competition or on top of increased costs and regulations.

So, what can your plant do now to reduce water usage? 

In this webinar, we will discuss 10 ways that your facility can reduce water consumption while maintaining production goals and meeting ESG targets. 


Steve Birtch

Business Development Manager , Aggreko

With over 25 years’ experience in the utility industry, Steve has provided consultative problem solving and facilitated implementation of solutions at numerous industrial facilities resulting in significant improvement to safety, sustainability, production capacity and reliability. Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.